About our company

ProTAK Systems AB

Who are we?

We develop and sell ProTAK; a web-based product for production optimization. Our solution is the market leader when it comes to visualizing capacity utilization, within the process industry. Our installations handle production values over USD 20 billion. Billerud Korsnäs, Holmen and SCA are some of our prominent customers.

ProTAK talks in real time with all of your plant’s, or factory’s, relevant machine/control and business systems. The information is processed, connected and rendered into a real-time updated view. Without sacrificing the details, we lower the cognitive hurdle for all parties involved; in order to understand the machines’ and processes’ capacity utilization and range of effectiveness.

Our ambition is to simplify the complex systems in the process industry. We have decades of operative experience on a day-to- day basis. The valuable feedback we get from our customers, fuels our drive to make the world’s best product for production monitoring and optimization.

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