Additional modules


Surveillance of for example machinery equipment – through measurement and visual inspections, has, for some time now, been an established routine for maintenance. These rounds are administrated in each factory’s maintenance system.

With the module Round, we can extend the control of process equipment to include operational personnel, like for example shift operators. The rounds are uploaded and driven by easily programmed forms.

The time for a round, is shown in the normal graphical window. The round list can be extracted using Excel-export or graphical support (optional). You can complement the round list with help-texts and/or pictures.

The results of a round, in the Excel alternative, is written down in the round list after it is finished. In the alternative, graphical solution, the transfer is done with mha wifi.

  • Show the time clearly on the working screen.
  • Extract a round list in Excel format
  • Involve operational personnel in the rounding work

How does the rounding module work? Watch the film.


The fundamental basics for Lean Production are to find, and eliminate things that don’t create value to the end customer. As a product, ProTAK – with all its functionalities and additional modules – is in line with the classical Lean Production philosophy. For example, to have a continuous process flow in order to make a problem visible, and a clear governance so that problems are not concealed.


The module Claim is integrated with the existing claim systems; and it gives the operational personnel information in a graphical picture about when the claim was executed, the cause for it and a comment that can straighten out any possible questions.

The information is imported from a claim system that is presented in table form.

  • Integrated with the existing system
  • A great and simple overview, with full information for the operational personnel.

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